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the Lunar Eclipse (2020)

Dance of the Red Moon

No Trousers Subway Ride Day

Grand Central Station

Australia Day

Hay's Australian Ladies

Shortbread Day

Petticoat Tails

Skeptics Day

When in Doubt, Dance Petronella

Stormy Weather Month

Calm Before Storm

Chocolate Cake Day

Walnut Cake with Chocolate Spread

Distaff Day

The Spinning Wheel

Greyfriars Bobby Day

Greyfriar's Bobby

Squirrel Day

Red Squirrel Reel

Daisy Day

Daisy Chain

New Year's Day

Lang May Your Lum Reek

Argyle Day

Argyll's Fancy

Hat Day

The Cocket Hat

Polka Dot Day

Polka Dot

Nevermore Day

The Raven's Dance

Mermaid Day

The Mermaid's Choice

Appreciate a Dragon Day

There Be Dragons

Pie Day

Walnut Pie

New Year's Dancing

January Jig

Hot Buttered Rum Day

The Butter Churn

Talk Like a Grizzled Prospector Day

A Glint of Gold

Zebra Day

Zebras and Wildebeests

Hot Toddy Day

A Hot Toddy

Snowman Day

The Scottish Snowman

Burns Night

The Haggis Thrash


Calendar days may have more than one holiday or special theme day, with associated dances.  Click on any date to visit the page of interest.  

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The majority of dance descriptions referenced on this site have been taken from the


Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary or the

Scottish Country Dancing Database 


Snapshots of dance descriptions are provided as an overview only.  As updates may have occurred, please click the dance description to be forwarded to a printable dance description or one of the official reference sources.

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