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The Gloucester Reel

Gloucester Cheese Rolling Day

May 27

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"In Gloucester, where the cheese rolls free,
A tumble and a laugh is the entrance fee."

Every year, the town of Gloucester transforms into a scene of cheesy chaos as brave participants chase a hefty round of Double Gloucester cheese down the steep, verdant slopes of Cooper's Hill. These intrepid cheese-chasers stumble, tumble, and cartwheel in pursuit of the elusive dairy prize. Though some historians trace the event back to Britain’s Roman era, food historians note the earliest date on record as 1837! During the start of summer, it was common in past times to set large bales of hay on fire down Cooper’s Hill in the village of Brockworth, Gloucestershire,” likely symbolic of burning away the last vestiges of winter. At some point, the hay bales were replaced by Double Gloucester cheese. And why not? Aged for 6 months, is less tangy than cheddar, Double Gloucester has a more round and buttery full fat flavor. Should you be in the mood, the Gloucester reel contains all curving and round figures. Nothing brings a community together quite like a runaway cheese wheel or reel! Say Cheese! 🧀

The Gloucester Reel

The Gloucester Reel

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The Gloucester Reel

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