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Scottish Dance in Art Museum

- Artistic Realizations of Scottish Country Dance and Highland Dance -

"The Highland Wedding"
Scottish Dancing
Highland Dancer
Sir John Halkett of Pitfirrane
Scottish Country Dance
Scottish Dance Series Number Two
The Gillies' Ball, c. 1859
"Robin Adair" (1909)
Celtic Wedding
A Good Sign All Over the World
Highland Fling
Scottish Dance in Art

The precision of the Highland Dances and the "controlled abandon" of the Country Dancing make for fascinating and challenging subjects for the artist.  


Enjoy this compilation of one form of artistic expression capturing another.  


All images used on this entertainment site have been credited where possible and linked back to contemporary artist studios.


Browse this curated collection or contribute by contacting this site.

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WELCOME TO An Entertainment Site for Scottish Country Dancers - Enjoy the curated selection of theme-related dances for celebrations and holidays, or find a dance associated with a special calendar day, or EVEN your own birthday!  

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