Above:  Burns in Edinburgh, READING HIS POEM "A WINTER NIGHT" AT THE DUCHESS OF GORDON'S, 1887 by Charles M Hardie, A.R.S.A. (1858-1916)


Many of Robert Burns poems and songs have been further immortalized into Scottish Country Dances.  See if your favorite poem is among these.  And while you're perusing the repertoire, why not hear some poetry from the man himself.  

Selected Dances

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Ae Fond Kiss

Ae Fond Kiss

Kissing Day

The final letter that Robert Burns wrote to Nancy McLehose, with whom he had a brief affair, contained the famous song, Ae Fond Kiss. The poet penned it on December 27 1791, when MeLehose was about to depart for Jamaica to attempt a reconciliation with her husband, James. he song expresses Burns’s despair at the end of their relationship. They had first met four years earlier in Edinburgh when Burns was unmarried. The couple exchanged a series of love letters using the pseudonyms Sylvander and Clarinda. Written by Burns in Dumfries, the letter, now held by the National Library of Scotland, informs Nancy that he is sending her some recently composed songs.

Auld Lang Syne

Auld Lang Syne


Farewell to the old year with hopes for the new. Happy New Year to all from Scottish Country Dance of the Day!

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