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Fire Hose Reel

Currier & Ives "Life of a Fireman" 1866 Steam Engine Vintage Color Lithograph Art Print 1955

Firefighters' Day

May 4

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"I'm the fireman, that's my name.
Makin' my rounds all over town, puttin' out old flames.
Well everybody'd like to have what I got,
I can cool 'em down when they're smolderin' hot.
I'm the fireman, that's my name."

~ I'm the Fireman, George Strait, 1985

Reel it in! This namesake reel was devised during the Queen’s Birthday Weekend School at Ototohanga. At this school, the Saturday evening dance program was put on the wall directly above the fire hose, and the sign “Fire Hose Reel” was positioned as if it was the last dance on the program, humourously inspiring this dance with "hoses" (the reels of three and the castings) and a circle to represent the hose reel itself! Famous firefighters in fiction include Fireman Sam - A popular character from the British animated children's television series that first aired in 1987, known for his helpfulness and bravery in his fictional rural village of Pontypandy. And don't forget US Park Ranger, Smokey the Bear, the iconic American advertising mascot created in 1944 to educate the public about the dangers of forest fires known for his famous catchphrase, "Only you can prevent forest fires"! "Bear" this in mind when dancing! 😜 🚒 🧯🐻 👨‍🚒

Fire Hose Reel

International FireFighters' Day, May 4, is a day to thank all firefighters for their extraordinary commitment, exceptional courage and for their selflessness in helping protect us and our environment.

Saint Florian, the patron saint of firefighters, is also another symbolic element to International Fire Fighters Day. St. Florian was a patron from Noricum, Rome in 300 AD, who was said to be one of the first commanding fire fighters of an actual battalion. As legend states, St. Florian saved an entire village engulfed in flames using just a single bucket of water. Legend also states, because of this act St. Florian is known as the protector of those who have come in danger of fire. The duties St. Florian performed for his province are the same duties that fire fighters around the world perform every day—with the same dedication and braveries. On May 4, St. Florian is globally recognized and honored and is also known as the day of St. Florian. Therefore, International Fire Fighters Day was chosen to be honored on May 4 in honor of the saint.

Want to see an episode of Fireman Sam?  Click Sam below!

Fire Hose Reel

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Fire Hose Reel

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