Who Created This Site?

This site was inspired by a love of Scottish Country Dance, season celebrations and associated folklore and recipes.   


Created by a member of The Red Thistle Dancers, a Scottish Country and Highland Dance performance group based in the San Francisco Bay Area, this just for fun website is companion sister site to scottishcountrydancer.com a central hub for the online Scottish Country Dancer (with resources for highland dancers too)! 

How to Use This Site

Use the vast repertoire of Scottish Country Dances for ideas to augment a dance event based around a theme, holiday or celebration!​  The increasing array of dance titles can even suggest refreshments for your event!  Why not have an all dessert dance party from the large number of dances named after sweets and puddings?


Creation of a Scottish Country Dance program is an art.   Difficulty of dances, selecting between jigs, reels, strathspeys and hornpipes, managing transitions between the dances, music selection, etc ... all require a working knowledge of dance and musical elements as well as a feel for how the dances will work in combination and for the capabilities and interests of the attending dancers. 

Use this site and pages for entertainment or inspiration to add a thematic dance or two to complement your next event!

How to Find a Dance Description

Please note that this site uses snapshots of dance descriptions or diagrams that link primarily to The Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary and the Scottish Country Dance Database.  To obtain or print the most recent version of a published dance, please click on the dance snapshot on any page, which will forward you to an official source or location from which you can download an updated copy.

Or, use the search bar at the top of the page to find a dance or subject of interest.

Many thanks to the curators of these databases for allowing the use of dance descriptions and cribs for this entertainment site and the many kind individuals who have helped me source and give airing to unique Scottish Country Dances. 

If you have a dance that would be perfect to include in one of the theme collections on this site, please CONTACT US.  Your contributions are much appreciated.  Or if you have an idea for a new theme, send that on too!

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The majority of dance descriptions referenced on this site have been taken from the


Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary or the

Scottish Country Dancing Database 


Snapshots of dance descriptions are provided as an overview only.  As updates may have occurred, please click the dance description to be forwarded to a printable dance description or one of the official reference sources.

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