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Orange and Blue

Irn Bru Day

May 6

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"Irn-Bru gets you through!"

~ Irn Bru motto

You can't find a favourite beverage more orange and blue than the famous beverage named for the blue of Scotland and the orange of iron girders, Irn Bru! This dance, named for a traditional tune, but with many diverse names attributed to it over the past centuries, dates back at least to the early 19th century. It has been suggested that the title refers to the traditional colors of the Ulster Protestants (Orangemen) and Scotsmen (Blue), the traditional color of the Liberal Party (orange) and Conservatives (blue), or the Orange and True Blue Masonic Lodge. Nevertheless, it is a good fit for this tasty drink with the mysterious flavour and secret recipe! 🧡 🏴 💙

Orange and Blue

Irn-Bru, often hailed as Scotland's other national drink, next to whisky, boasts a rich and vibrant history that traces back to 1901. Originally launched under the name "Strachan’s Brew" by the Barr family in Falkirk, Scotland, the soft drink underwent a rebranding to "Iron Brew" in 1946. This was due to its original advertising slogan, "The High Standard Beverage," which emphasized its purported invigorating effects akin to the strength of iron. However, following a 1946 law requiring product names to be more literal and less misleading, the iconic beverage adopted the phonetic spelling "Irn-Bru" to retain its identity while adhering to the new regulations. This quirky spelling became synonymous with its bold, distinctive branding. 

Over the decades, Irn-Bru established itself as a cultural icon in Scotland, known for its unique, fiercely guarded recipe that reputedly includes 32 secret ingredients and is known only to two members of the Barr family at any time. The drink's bright orange color and its complex, sweet flavor that hints at citrus and spices have endeared it to generations. Additionally, Irn-Bru has been noted for its cheeky and irreverent advertising campaigns that often play on Scottish humor and identity, further cementing its status not just as a beverage, but as a symbol of Scottish pride.

For more about this famous beverage, click its namesake tartan!

Orange and Blue

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Orange and Blue

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