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The Glaikit Stirk and the Parrot

World Parrot Day

May 31

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"Polly want a biscuit and some milk?"

You and your silly parrot or young goofy cow will appreciate this round the room medley dance by John Drewry, giving you a chance to figure out the left-handed directions in strathspey time, then work your way up to a reel! A "Glaikit Stirk" combines two Scots terms. "Glaikit" means foolish or thoughtless, often referring to someone who appears vacant or silly. "Stirk" refers to a young cow or bull, typically between one and two years old​. Although not native to Scotland, there are escaped pet parrots which have formed wild flocks in Scotland! The ring-necked parakeet, also known as the rose-ringed parakeet, have established feral populations in various parts of the UK, including Glasgow (particularly Victoria Park) and Edinburgh. where their distinctive squawking gives away their location! Moo and Squawk! 🐮 🦜

The Glaikit Stirk and the Parrot

Wild parrots are fascinating creatures known for their vibrant colors, intelligence, and playful behavior. These avian acrobats often engage in remarkable antics that captivate anyone lucky enough to observe them. In their natural habitats, parrots display an impressive range of vocalizations, often mimicking sounds they hear in their environment, from other birds to human-made noises. Their social nature leads to intricate group dynamics and playful interactions, such as hanging upside down from branches, performing aerial somersaults, and engaging in mock fights with fellow parrots. They are also known for their problem-solving abilities, often using tools to access food or navigate obstacles. Some species, like the famous wild parrots of Telegraph Hill in San Francisco, have adapted remarkably well to urban environments, forming tight-knit flocks that delight residents with their bold personalities and daring escapades.

For more about this famous wild flock, click the parrots below!

The Glaikit Stirk and the Parrot

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The Glaikit Stirk and the Parrot

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