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Scrabble Day

Apr 13

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"Jeff is the annoying kind of Scrabble player who plays a lot of obscure two-letter words that shouldn’t count but for whatever reason are considered legitimate. My father is the annoying kind of Scrabble player who takes hours with his turn and then plays deliberately misspelled words that no one has the heart to call him out on. I am the perfect Scrabble player, both serious and considerate. Obviously I lost by a lot."

~ September Girls, Bennett Madison, 2013

Scrabble, a relatively new game invented in 1938, has clubs and tournaments played in all parts of the world in many native languages. World records for high scoring games, words, and overall duration abound. In August 1984, Peter Finan and Neil Smith played Scrabble for 153 hours at St. Anselm's College, Birkenhead, Merseyside, setting a new duration record. A longer record was never recorded by Guinness Book of Records, as the publishers decided that duration records of this nature were becoming too dangerous and stopped accepting them. There is an online forum dedicated to an examination of a Scrabble gram in Scots-Gaelic that has derived a scheme with 100/104 tiles, with lively discussion of digraphs and diacritical marks. Shockingly, Gaelic is not a legal word in the Scrabble Dictionary!


Although not a real word, if "XYZZY" had been, it would have definitely made the 10 top English scoring scrabble words!  This dance, devised by Sue McKinnell was inspired by an adventure game which started with the description "You are in a maze of twisty little passages all alike ..." and has a version for both three and four couples.

To celebrate National Scrabble Day, the best you can hope for is to come up with the word"Oxyphenbutazone."


Oxyphenbutazone (a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) is also the word that, in a single play, can give the highest possible score on a Scrabble board. The chances of it ever coming up are slim as you’d need to join all seven of your tiles with eight already on the board across three triple word scores. Still, it’d be worth waiting for, as it would score 1,778 points.

Click the tiles to see the top 10 scoring English scrabble words!


Click the dance cribs or description below to link to a printable version of the dance!


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