The Moth Ball

Moth-er Day

Mar 14

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Moth-er Day
The Moth Ball
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The Moth Ball

Moth-er Day celebrates the butterfly's nocturnal and crepuscular (and even sometimes diurnal) brethren.


This dance was devised by Ian Dickson of the Herrington Scottish Country Dance group to mark a time when a moth joined the set and flittered between the dancers!

Light navigators, moths are particularly susceptible to confusion by man-made light.  Moths mostly fly by night, using the light from the moon for navigation.  The basic principle behind the moth's orientation is to fly in a straight line - it attempts to keep a constant angle with respect to the rays from the brightest object in its eyes.

Problems occurs at night when other light sources shine brighter than the moon, such as a sodium vapour lamp or candles.  It was once believed that moths were attracted to a candle's flame, but in reality, their navigation strategy is fooled by the artificial light.  

And for a better  explanation of why moths are attracted to flames, lights, and the occasional Scottish Country Dance, click the vintage French trading card with an Apollo Moth Fairy.

The Moth Ball
The Moth Ball

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