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The Lava Tree Reel

Forest of lava trees, Kilauea Volcano, 1983

Vesuvius Day

Oct 17

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The Lava Tree Reel

 Formerly reckoned on Aug 24th, but recently corrected by scientists to a more accurate date, October 17th is Volcano Day, marking the anniversary of the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in the year 79. 

Some of the most active volcanoes are in Hawaii.

There are five active volcanoes in Hawaii. They are:

  • Loihi

  • Kilauea

  • Mauna Loa

  • Hualalai

  • Haleakala

Kilauea is considered one of the worlds most frequently active volcanoes. If you just look at the number of Kilauea eruptions recorded since Europeans arrived, there have been 62 eruptions in 245 years, which comes out to 1 eruption every 3.95 years. Some of these eruptions lasted a long time. For example, the current eruption started in January of 1983 and has been continuous ever since!


Likewise, there was an active lava lake in the summit caldera from at least 1823 until 1924, while at the same time eruptions would take place elsewhere on the flanks of the volcano.

Lava trees are the preserves of lava molds that were formed when a lava flow swept through a forested area in 1790 on Hawaii's Big Island.  These trees are now part of Lava Tree State Monument Park, near Pāhoa.

For recent video of daredevil Alison Teal surfing near the molten lava, August 2016, click the lava trees.​ 

The Lava Tree Reel

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The Lava Tree Reel

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