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Spice it Up

Chili Cookoff Championships

Sep 9

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Spice it Up

Fond of chili?  Do you prefer mild flavours or hot and spicy!  Chili cooking championships take place all year, leading up to the World Chili Championship taking place this weekend!

With categories ranging from traditional, red, verde, vegetarian and more, there is a category for all cooks. 

Though traditional chili had very simple ingredients (and no beans), cooks today try all sorts of variations.




From National Geographic's The Plate"


Many cooks have moved far beyond the traditional chili basics of beef, chile peppers, and (maybe) beans. Chili has been made with everything from venison to buffalo, goat, skunk, jackrabbit, rattlesnake, pork, chicken and hot sausage. Outback Chili – an Australian specialty – is made with kangaroo; Alaskans use moose meat; and Norwegians, reindeer. The Jamisons include a recipe for Hornadillo Chili, made from the chopped meat of one medium armadillo, served in an armadillo shell.

Other not-so-traditional chili ingredients include peanuts, chocolate, sherry, blackstrap molasses, raisins, tequila, moonshine, ginger ale, bamboo shoots, artichoke hearts, eggplant, tofu, and zucchini. Mark Bittman’s black bean chili recipe calls for a cup of espresso. Greek chili makers favor a dash of cinnamon.

In Cincinnati, chili comes with spaghetti. Known as “five-way chili,” this dish was reportedly invented in the 1920s by Greek hot-dog stand proprietors Joe and Tom Kiradjieff, who served their customers quintuple-layered plates of spaghetti, chili, beans, chopped onions, and grated Cheddar cheese!


Getting hungry?  Stay tuned for this year's winners by clicking the spoonful of chili!

Spice it Up

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Spice it Up

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