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Forget me Knot

Forget Day

Jul 2

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"Forget me not! It is but a little flower
But all the wealth of earth outvies,
For oh! It brings the vanish'd hour
And with it brings dear memories."
~ Forget Me Not, Felicia Hemans (1793-1835)

Many Scottish Country Dancers dance to forget their troubles but work hard to remember the dance figures! The forget-me-not flower, with its delicate azure petals and tiny golden centers, holds a timeless allure that has captivated hearts across centuries and continents. Scientifically known as Myosotis, which translates to "mouse's ear" due to the shape of its leaves, this enchanting bloom has a rich tapestry of legends woven around it. One such tale speaks of a medieval knight who, while picking these flowers for his beloved along a riverbank, was swept away by the current. As he tossed the bouquet to her, he cried out, "Forget me not," thus sealing the flower's legacy as a symbol of enduring love and remembrance.
In the language of flowers, forget-me-nots convey a message of true love and undying memories. This unassuming flower also holds a place of honor in various cultures and traditions. In Germany, it is worn to commemorate the fallen soldiers of World War II. In Alaska, it is celebrated as the state flower, representing the rugged and beautiful wilderness. On this day, forget your cares and good luck with this lovely strathspey for three couples, which ends with of course, the Knot! 🎗️ 💙 💜 💙 🌷 🌷 🌷

Forget me Knot

Forget-me-nots have held a special place in folklore medicine, revered for their supposed healing properties and symbolic meanings. Traditionally, these delicate blue flowers were believed to have the power to enhance memory and aid in the treatment of respiratory ailments. Herbalists often used them to create soothing infusions and teas, which were thought to alleviate symptoms of bronchitis and lung inflammation. In addition to their medicinal uses, forget-me-nots were also imbued with magical qualities. They were often carried as a charm to protect against forgetfulness and to strengthen the bonds of love and friendship. Some cultures believed that placing forget-me-not flowers under a person's pillow could ward off nightmares and promote restful sleep. While modern medicine does not support these traditional uses, the rich folklore surrounding forget-me-nots highlights their enduring appeal and the deep-rooted human desire to find healing and comfort in the natural world.

For more about Forget-me-not legends, click the flowers below!

Forget me Knot

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Forget me Knot

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