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April Sky

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Apr 22

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"Sweet April showers do spring May flowers"


This spring strathspey contains unusual swirling unique groupings that may put you in mind of the changing skies of a typical April, or of rounded floral shapes during this transitional month recognized for its changeable nature in many cultures. Skies that swiftly transform from the sullen grays of a brooding storm to the radiant azure of clear, sunlit day create hopeful anticipation, suggesting that the month's frequent rains are a prelude to renewal and beauty after the greyer months of winter. Interestingly, a dry April is also considered auspicious. The Old English proverb, "A peck of April dust is worth a king's ransom" suggests that a dry April is beneficial for farming, allowing for the early cultivation of the soil, making it easier to work with and more conducive to planting seeds. May your April skies clear just enough to make it easy to attend dancing classes in your area and refresh the spring flowers! ☔ 🌧️ 🌹 🌺 🏵️

April Sky

So critical are the months of spring for the success of the harvest, the list of proverbs are many!

Weather sayings and proverbs often reflect the observations and wisdom gathered over centuries, providing insight into seasonal changes and their impacts. Spring, with its dynamic weather patterns, has inspired a wide range of sayings that vary from predicting rain to forecasting temperature changes. Here's a collection of weather sayings specifically tailored for spring:

  1. April showers bring May flowers.This popular saying underscores the typical spring pattern where frequent April rain provides the moisture needed for May's blooms.

  2. March comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb.This saying reflects the typical pattern of March beginning with harsh, blustery winter-like weather which eventually softens into milder, spring-like conditions by the end of the month.

  3. A peck of March dust is worth a king's ransom.This proverb suggests that dry, dusty weather in March is highly valuable as it predicts a prosperous agricultural season.

  4. An April flood carries away the frog and his brood.Heavy rains in April can lead to floods, dramatically impacting the natural wildlife.

  5. When ditches and ponds offend the nose, then look for rain and stormy blows.A sign that the air is full of moisture and likely to result in rainstorms.

  6. If the oak is out before the ash, then we shall only have a splash; if the ash is out before the oak, then we shall surely have a soak.Observing which trees bud first can predict the rainfall; oaks before ashes suggest minimal rain, ashes before oaks indicate a lot of rain.

  7. A cold May and a windy makes a barn full and findy.A cold, windy May is good for crops, leading to a full barn.

  8. April wet, good wheat.Suggesting that wet weather in April is ideal for the wheat crops.

  9. March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers.Similar to "April showers bring May flowers," this emphasizes the necessity of late winter and early spring weather patterns for flourishing plant life.

  10. So many mists in March you see, so many frosts in May will be.Indicates that a misty March predicts a frosty May, which can affect planting and growing cycles.

  11. A dry March, a wet April, and a cool May fill barn and cellar and bring much hay.This saying outlines an ideal spring for agriculture, leading to ample stores and harvests.

  12. Mist in May, heat in June, makes harvest come right soon.Predicts that a misty May and a hot June will lead to an early and successful harvest.

  13. Thunder in spring, cold will bring.Spring thunderstorms are typically followed by cooler temperatures.

  14. March winds shall blow, and we shall have snow.Despite the approach of spring, snow can still be expected if March winds are prevalent.

  15. If it thunders on All Fools' Day, expect good crops of corn and hay.A specific belief that thunder on April 1st predicts a fruitful crop year.

For more weather sayings from the Farmer's Almanac for the rest of the year, click the picture below!

April Sky

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April Sky

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