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Animal Magic

Photo by Hannah Meinhart

Pet Day

Apr 11

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"Look deep into my eyes ..."

This 64 bar reel contains chases, pivots, direction reversals, and "animal" reels (dolphin and weasel), not to mention a slip knot, enough to remind you of trying to take an energetic tail-chasing puppy on a much needed walk! Animal magnetism, often referred to as the special bond between humans and animals, is a remarkable force that brings joy and companionship into our lives. Whether it's the gentle purring of a contented cat, the wagging tail of a loyal dog, or the playful antics of a curious rabbit, there's something truly magical about the connection we share with our furry friends. This unique bond transcends words, as our pets seem to understand us in ways that no one else can. From cuddle sessions on the couch to adventurous walks in the park, the presence of animals fills our hearts with warmth and comfort. 🐹 🐇 🐩 🐰 🐱 🐶 🐾

Animal Magic

National Pet Day was first held not just to celebrate all of the joy pets bring their human companions, but “to create public awareness about the plight of many different kinds of animals awaiting a forever home in shelters and rescues around the globe.”

Whether your pet is furry, fish, fowl or scaly, we celebrate them today and every day.

Historically, "animal magnetism" refers to a concept developed by Franz Mesmer in the 18th century. Mesmer believed that there was a natural energetic force inherent in all living beings, which he called "animal magnetism." He theorized that this force could be manipulated to promote healing and well-being in individuals. Mesmer claimed to be able to induce a trance-like state in his patients, which he called "mesmerism," by using various techniques such as hand gestures, passes, and the application of magnets.

Mesmer's theories were highly controversial and eventually fell out of favor with the scientific community. However, his ideas laid the groundwork for the development of hypnosis and influenced the fields of psychology and psychiatry.

This dance appropriately contains an animal figure, the "Weasel Reel" adding to the collection of Scottish Country Dance animal reels (dolphin, snake, and weasel).

Click the animal collage to see a list of more exotic pets that you can add to your menagerie.

Animal Magic

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Animal Magic

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