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Straight Feet

Variations - Straight Feet

Straight Feet

Also known as:

Lucky You!

Variations - Straight Feet

Shoe Recommendations:

(your mileage may vary)

based on foot width


Foot Description - Does This Foot Description Fit?

Straight feet are usually characterized by decent arches, but lower insteps. For example, try sitting on the floor with your legs straight in front of you, and point your toes. The bottoms of your feet, your arches, may be notably curved. However, are your toes easily touching the floor? If not, if the tops of your feet do not curve like a banana, you may not have a high instep. Straight feet tend to be stronger since the dancer has to strengthen their ankles to support the alignment.



If the middle portion or arch of your footprint is just about halfway filled in with a noticeable curve along the arch, congratulations! Your arches are at the proper height to absorb and distribute the impact from walking and other physical activity.


Just for Fun Foot Fortune-Telling

Those with normal arches are balanced and thoughtful and enjoy problem solving from a leadership capacity.

Most likely to dance all night long!

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