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Roman Foot

The Roman Foot

Roman Foot

Also known as:


The Roman Foot

Shoe Recommendations:

(your mileage may vary)

Rounded and wide toe shapes in dance shoes are a good choice (open loop style in ghillies).


Foot Description - Does This Foot Description Fit?

The Roman foot is the second most prevalent main foot shape after the Egyptian. It is estimated that this foot shape occurs in about 20-25 percent of the population. In this type of foot, the length of the first three toes (sometimes two) are approximately the same length. If you have a Roman Foot, congratulations! You have the makings of a great ballet or Highland Dancer as your toe configuration allows a more even distribution of weight amongst the toes!





Just for Fun Foot Fortune-Telling

Characteristic of those with a Roman foot is their openness to the world and people. They are balanced, outgoing and sociable. With the ability to communicate with ease, they are excellent speakers and business people and love to explore new things and experience new cultures.

Most likely to travel for a dance weekend.

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