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Peasant Foot

The Peasant Foot

Peasant Foot

Also known as:

Giselle, Square

The Peasant Foot

Shoe Recommendations:

(your mileage may vary)

Rounded and wide toe shapes in dance shoes are a good choice (open loop style in ghillies).


Foot Description - Does This Foot Description Fit?

The Peasant Foot, which is also known as a Giselle Foot, has approximately three short and stubby toes that are almost exactly the same length. This type of foot is considered to be well-built and sturdy. The Peasant Foot is perfect for dancers that require more balance and stability.





Just for Fun Foot Fortune-Telling

People with the Peasant Foot are known to have the ability to make the right decisions, and are reliable and practical. They will weigh up all the options before making a decision. They are known for being extremely caring and are good friends.

Most likely to have all the dances fully committed to memory before a dance and give great hints to uncertain partners while dancing!

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