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German Foot

The German Foot

German Foot

Also known as:


The German Foot

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Foot Description - Does This Foot Description Fit?

The percentage of the population with the German foot is unknown. This foot is characterized by completely straight toes of the same length, except the big toe, which is longer. In the same way as the Celtic and Roman feet, it has a rectangular shape, so a wide width shoe that doesn't compress the toes helps to avoid bunching and rubbing. Examples of this foot are elusive. Do you have this type of foot?





Just for Fun Foot Fortune-Telling

The personality of the those with a German foot is generally very understanding and tolerant. Their greatest value is their family and close friends. They are good listeners and they can always sympathize with the others. Usually very sensitive, they often take things too personally.

Most likely to stub their toe during a dance break.

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