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The Seal and the Beaver

World Wildlife Day

Mar 3

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"Busy as a beaver!"

Devised for a wedding, this busy jig is full of figures mixing up the "seals" and "beavers" and ends with vigorous hello/goodbye setting! A day to consider protection of wildlife of all kinds, we focus on the European beaver in Scotland! Once widespread, it became extinct during the 16th century when it was hunted for its fur and castoreum. The beaver was reintroduced to Scotland in 2009 as part of a trial project and by 2016 it was determined that beavers could remain as a native species within Scotland. In Scotland, beavers do not hibernate and can be found romping and slapping their tails at the Scottish Beaver Trail at Knapdale, Argyll, at Loch of the Lowes, and in parts of the Tay, Earn and Forth catchments! Natural engineers, beavers are known for their ability to build dams, lodges, and canals. They use these structures for protection against predators and to create a habitat that controls the water levels of their environment. Their constructions can significantly alter ecosystems, often beneficially, by creating wetlands that support a diverse range of wildlife. 🦭 🦭 🦫 🦫

The Seal and the Beaver

The Seal and the Beaver

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The Seal and the Beaver

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