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Sandy's Scotch Broth

Homemade Soup Day

Feb 4

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"A soup so thick you could shake its hand and stroll with it before dinner."

~ Scotch Broth, Robert Crawford, 1996

What could be better in wintry weather than soup warming soup and a dance to go with it! This traditional farmhouse soup, gained art-world notoriety during the 1960's Pop Art movement though American artist Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup can series! Scotch Broth is featured in his second portfolio of soup can prints from 1968-69. In a bit of art world thievery, in 2016, some of the soup can art prints were stolen from the Springfield Art Museum in Missouri where the original works reside. According to art insurers, 'Tomato Soup' is the most expensive and sought-after by collectors with 'Chicken Noodle' running a close second. The stolen prints included the prints of the Beef, Vegetable, Tomato, Onion, Green Pea, Chicken noodle and Black Bean soup cans. Fortunately, Scotch Broth was not in this set! Lamb, barley, and root vegetables .... ‘Mmm, mmm, good!’ Recipe included! 🍲

Sandy's Scotch Broth

Scotch broth, originating in Scotland but now a popular soup recipe worldwide, is usually made with barley, stewing or braising cuts of lamb, mutton or beef, root vegetables (such as carrots, swedes, or sometimes turnips), and dried pulses (most often split peas and red lentils). Cabbage and leeks are often added shortly before serving.

Although no record of "Sandy's Scotch Broth" could be located, should you be in the mood for a good soup, click here.


This traditional dish was immortalized as one of the Campbell's condensed soup standards, introduced in 1937, and then by Andy Warhol in his famous 1962 "Campbell Soup Cans" paintings.  


Click the can of soup for more on this famous collection of soup art, and on the early print ad for a modern wonderful recipe for Scotch Broth.  

Click the video below for a performance of this dance by Scottish Flowers, at the Highland Gathering in Peine, Germany, 2015.

Sandy's Scotch Broth

Click the dance cribs or description below to link to a printable version of the dance!

Sandy's Scotch Broth

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