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Magical Midsummer Theme Collection


Jun 1

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"And it's O, for my dear and the charm that stays - Midsummer days! Midsummer days! It's O, for my Love and the dark that plights - Midsummer nights! O midsummer nights!" ~ Ballade Of Midsummer Days And Nights, William Ernest Henley (1849-1903) If it's summer in your part of the hemisphere, Midsummer Festivals and Dances are being planned right now! Visit our special page on the "Butterscotch & Thistles" website to see a list of Scottish Country Dances appropriate for any upcoming magical summer or solstice celebrations: The Summer Solstice Strathspey Midsummer Madness Ellwyn's Fairy Garden Ring of Brodgar Enchanted Garden A Midsummer Night's Dream and more! Or just visit to simply to see a small collection of Victorian Fairy Art.

Magical Midsummer Theme Collection

Magical Midsummer Theme Collection

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Magical Midsummer Theme Collection

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