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Across the Wide Missouri



A highland fling (of sorts) with a piper (of sorts) from the 1951 film "Across the Wide Missouri" from the namesake novel of 1947 by historian Bernard DeVoto.
In the clip, Clark Gable's character, fur trapper Flint Mitchell, watches Scottish Waterloo veteran Capt. Humberstone Lyon and "the Brecan" (a MacGregor of Argyll who is living with the Blackfoots) perform a highland fling to a piper! Capt. Lyon apparently travels not only with his tartan trews but his kilt and matching tartan hose and specifically dons these for the dance in a trice!
The dance is appreciated by all but a tone-deaf nearby donkey.
The film dramatizes an account of several fur traders and their interaction with the Native Americans in the 1830s.

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