Valentine's Day

Celebrate  Valentine's Day with special jigs, reels, and strathspeys!  


A traditional Sottish love token is the presentation to the recipient of your affection with a Luckenbooth brooch, often given as a betrothal or wedding brooch.

These silver brooches consisted of entwined hearts, or hearts with a crown on top. The name is derived from the Luckenbooths or Locking Booths – small shops that were a regular feature on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile.


Luckenbooths also might be worn by nursing mothers or be pinned to a baby's clothing to protect it from harm.  Variations of these brooches were also sometimes known as a witches' brooches or witches' hearts to protect against the "evil eye."

"Happy Valentine"
"Valentine" (Bell)
"Heart to Heart"
"A Valentine Wedding Knot"
"Hearts Content"
"Lovers Knot"
"Love Spoon"
"Gibb's Valentine Party"
"Lady Valentine's Jig"
"My Cary Valentine"
"Saint Valentine's Day" (Donaldson)
"Saint Valentine's Day" (Mitchell)
"Valentine Special"
"Valentine's Strathspey" (Baker)
"Valentine's Strathspey" (Willitt)
"The Valentine"

Selected Dances

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The Flirt

Valentine's Day

Brush up on your vintage flirtation skills while keeping cool with the versatile folding fan! From the 17th century on fans were used by both women and men to communicate. The Original Fanology or Ladies' Conversation Fan book was published in 1797. It contained details about how to hold completely silent but richly meaningful conversations through the simple movements of a fan. Some common movements included: Drawing it across the cheek or placing the fan on the heart (I love you); Letting it rest on the right cheek (yes); Letting it rest on the left cheek (no); Dropping the fan (We will be friends); Drawing the fan across the eyes (I am sorry); Twirling it in right hand (I love another); and Carrying it in right hand in front of face (Follow me)! ❤️

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"Happy Valentine"