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Hallowe'en  Theme Collection

Hallowe'en Season

Oct 1

Other Scottish Country Dances for this Day

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Happy October with a special treat and no tricks! 🎃👻🎃

Are you a Scottish Country Dance teacher or dancer looking to include or suggest a Hallowe'en themed dance or two for any upcoming class or event (virtual or otherwise)?

Visit the Butterscotch & Thistles "Scottish Country Dance of the Day" website for a collection of Hallowe'en themed Scottish Country Dances! We have a collection of Jack-o-lantern Jigs, Wraith-like Reels, Spooky Strathspeys, and Haunted Hornpipes with ghostly, witchy, Tam O'Shanter, and other haunted and haunting themes to consider.

So whether your tastes run to "Headless Ghosts" or "Restless Ghosts," there's something for everyone!

Don't be "Vexed and Hexed!" Visit the site to see our entire collection and specially curated dances or simply browse the vintage and Scottish-themed Hallowe'en images just for fun! 👻 🕯️💀🕷️⚰️🦇🍬🎃

Happy Dancing Hallowe'en!

Hallowe'en Theme Collection

Hallowe'en  Theme Collection
Hallowe'en  Theme Collection

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