The Tigger Bounce

Illustration by Ernest H. Shepard

Winnie the Pooh Day

Jan 18

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Winnie the Pooh Day
The Tigger Bounce
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Winnie the Pooh Day
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The Tigger Bounce

Winnie the Pooh, A. A. Milne's famous creation (whose birthday is now celebrated as Winnie the Pooh Day), first appeared in October 1926, together with friends Piglet, Tigger and Eeyore. All of them were based on toys owned by the author’s son, who also featured in the famous stories as Christopher Robin.

Tigger is a fictional tiger character originally introduced in The House at Pooh Corner, the sequel to Winnie-the-Pooh by A. A. Milne. Like other Pooh characters, Tigger is based on one of Christopher Robin Milne's stuffed toy animals. Tigger appears in the Disney cartoon versions of Winnie the Pooh and has also appeared in his own film.

He is known for his distinctive orange and black stripes, large eyes, a long chin, a springy tail, and his love of bouncing. As he says himself, "Bouncing is what Tiggers do best." Tigger never refers to himself as a tiger, but as a "Tigger". Although he often refers to himself in the third person plural (e.g. "Tiggers don't like honey!"), he maintains that he is "the only one".

When Tigger introduces himself, he often says the proper way to spell his name and that is "T-I-double-Guh-Er", which spells "Tigger."

For a look at some of the original stuffed animals which inspired the stories, click Tigger!

The Tigger Bounce
The Tigger Bounce

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