Mint Truffles

Chocolate Mint Day

Feb 19

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 Chocolate Mint Day
Mint Truffles
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"There are four basic food groups: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and chocolate truffles."

~ Anonymous

Truffles originated in France in 1895 or 1920, depending on various sources, as a ball of chocolate ganache dusted with cocoa, and was given the name truffle for their resemblance to the dark and rumpled prized mushrooms of the same name. Besides the classic French truffle, there are now regional variations such as Swiss truffles, European truffles, American Truffles, California Truffles, and even Cannabis truffles! But mint is always nice!

Mint Truffles

The chocolate mint left on a hotel bed pillow is a familiar site.  

According to food and Hollywood folklore, this tradition began sometime in the 1950s as a result of a (probably apochryphal) story related to movie star Cary Grant.  Actor Cary Grant was staying at the luxurious Mayfair Hotel in downtown St. Louis. He was a frequent guest and often booked the penthouse suite.  As the story goes, he invited a special guest to meet him at the suite.  When she arrived, she found that that he had laid a trail of chocolates beginning in the sitting room, into the bedroom, across the bed, and onto the pillow.

The Mayfair’s manager heard about the chocolate gambit and liked the idea so much that he made a chocolate on the pillow one of the hotel’s many standard amenities.

Whatever the true origin of this custom, hundreds of hotels adopted the gesture, and many travelers look forward to a chocolate mint on their hotel room pillow!


Click the picture below for a recipe to make your own special chocolate mint truffles.

Mint Truffles
Mint Truffles

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